Process Automation:



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  • We designs Automated Systems for different sectors such as for Plastic Extrudors/Chiller Plants/Storm water treatment Plant(STP)/Waste Water Treatment Plant(WTP)/Effluent Water Treatment Plant(ETP)/Demand Controlling/Packaging Machines/Paper Mills/Steel Plants.
  • Besides Process Automation we carries out Sub-Station Automation for Controlling VCB on the basis of PF/Demand/Harmonics/Over current/Over Voltage/Under Voltage etc.
  • We Uses the Different Makes Of PLCs/SCADA/HMI etc.
  • Our Process Automation system is fully customizable.
  • We looks after the AC Drives Based Automation.
  • Our Automation solution is cost effective with a strong technical troubleshooting background.
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) based system for the precise operation based on Clock timings and Shifts.
  • Different modes of Operation i.e. Manual/Semi-Auto/Fully-Auto modes selection from HMI Display or from SCADA available.
  • SCADA embedded system for easy & Precise Monitoring & Operation of Plant from Remote area.
  • Reports Availability for the required parameters by client in Excel Sheet Form.
  • Historical/Real Time trends Availability.
  • Operator can feed the required Set Point from SCADA for the different numbers of required operations.
  • Logic of PLC for controlling can be designed or customize as per client�s request.
  • Module is customizable in terms of I/O.